Monday, 20 July 2015


Please be advised that we have had a number of complaints about grossly inflated municipal bills for the June 2015 billing cycle (i.e. bills dated the beginning of July).

We recommend that all residents check their latest municipal bills carefully and, should they be incorrect, that they log a complaint with the City of Joburg as soon as possible.

In order to do this, dial Joburg Connect on 011 375 5555 or 0860 JOBURG. Insist on an 0800 reference number when logging your complaint and, if it is not resolved within a week, follow up regularly until it is.

If the call centre agent advises you that the complaint has been resolved, ask for a revised bill to be sent to you by e-mail.


Unknown said...

I received a R60 000 electricity bill from Joburg in June 2015! Glad to hear I'm not alone!

LC said...

Rest assured, you're definitely not alone! :(

Angela Lang said...

Have gotten several Ref no's. No resolution. Overbilling and double-billing going back to middle of last year. Log a complaint, get a ref no, call back to follow up and told that the case has been closed as they've resolved the matter but no monies are credited.

LC said...

Unfortunately, this is an on-going problem with billing issues in the City of Joburg. We'd suggest that you try the following:

1) If the call centre says your query has been resolved, tell the agent it hasn't been sorted out and immediately log another compliant. It's important to keep an active complaint in the city's billing system to try and prevent cut-offs. City agencies have been known to just mark queries and complaints as having been resolved (even if they haven't) in order to keep their resolution statistics up.

2) Go through your complaint step-by-step with the call centre agent and ask him or her to explain the *exactly* what has happened on your bill. Sometimes the city invoices consumers based on estimated readings for several months in a row and then invoices based on an actual reading three or four months later. This can cause some confusion about balances brought forward, payments made and balances owed. If this is the case, ask for a revised invoice to be sent to you as soon as possible.

3) Ask to have your complaint escalated to a supervisor and ask to speak to the supervisor about your unresolved issues.

4) Escalate the problem to your ward councilor (a link to the full list of councilors is available on our 'Welcome' post) and ask him or her for assistance in getting the matter resolved. Also ask your councilor to raise the issue of incorrect billing in Council so that the issue is repeatedly tagged in Council minutes.

5) Log complaints with the Consumer Commission and the Public Protector (contact details in the sidebar). The more complaints of this nature that are logged, the more pressure there will be on the city's administration to get the overall problem resolved.

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