Joburg Advocacy Group (JAG): NPC Jam

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


We're currently participating in the National Planning Commission Jam, the first-ever government-hosted online jam. The key topic subject is the NPC's diagnostic report, which was released earlier this year, as well as South Africa's Vision 2030. Many other themes allow for discussions on such pressing issues as service delivery, the economy, education and training, crime, infrastructure and jobs.

Over one thousand South Africans have logged on since the jam was launched an hour ago and the discussion about our country's future is on! The conversation will continue until 12:00 on Saturday, so join in.

We're being represented by one of our founding members, so look out for the jammer ID Lee Cahill (Joburg Advocacy Group). We'll also be tweeting during the participation process using the hashtag #NPCJam. Catch up with us on Twitter or follow our live feed in the sidebar.

If you're already registered to participate in the jam, logon here to participate. If you're not already registered, click through to here to do so.

If you'd like to read through a transcript of our contribution to the NPC Jam, click through to the JAG Document Archive.

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