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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Joburg Municipal Billing Crisis Campaign

JAG is receiving more and more calls and e-mails about the current billing crisis in the City of Johannesburg.

Consumers report being unable to resolve a range of problems, including huge "interim" bills for electricity, charges based on incorrect meter readings, inflated accounts for water and other services, missing payments, incorrectly-levied interest, threats of credit action, and having to sign acknowledgements of debt in order to obtain clearance certificates after the sale of a property.

All report being unable to resolve these problems through the usual official channels and, although this issue has received extensive coverage in the press, they remain without any effective means of dealing with it.

In order to assist residents in this situation, JAG has developed a comprehensive information leaflet, and we urge consumers to take direct action by logging complaints with all relevant authorities to ensure that they take immediate and effective action on this issue.


Marc said...

We have been battling ours for a while. We got a massive reading out of nowhere about two months back and none of our last 4 payments have been captured / reflect on the statement.

Sally Wright said...

I cant open the document to read it properly

LC said...

@Marc - many, many people are reporting the same or similar problems. We're of the opinion that concerted direct action by a large number of consumers is the only way in which local government can and will be held to account on this issue.

As an immediate course of action, please follow the steps outlined in our information pamphlet and report this situation in writing to the city, the Public Protector, your ward councillor and the Minister of Cooperative Affairs and Traditional Development.

We're also urging consumers in this situation to declare an official dispute with the city, which will protect them from frivolous, unfair and unwarranted action.

JAG is currently investigating further options, and we'll keep consumers updated of developments here on the site.

LC said...

Hi Sally - I've just tested the link and it seems to be working, but I'll inbox you a link via Facebook.

EffKay said...

Thanks you very much for your very informative leaflet. Your efforts in this matter are greatly appreciated.

Let's hope we can get some satisfaction out of this... and heck why not shoot for the gold world class city standard too and get some municipal services thrown in as well.

ceramicmatters said...

Hi LC.
We had a bill for R 752 575.00 (three quarter of a million rand) in December 2010.
See copies of our account and the progress to date on our blog

The whole thing costs a lot of time, effort and do not to underestimate the stress and frustration to deal with it.

LC said...

Hi ceramicmatters - utterly insane! And you're by no means the only consumer with a bill like this. We're tweeting about your case and we're asking all Joburg residents to join in the discussion - posts are tagged #jbills.

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