Joburg Advocacy Group (JAG): Red Ribbon Campaign Goes National

Friday, 13 November 2009

Red Ribbon Campaign Goes National

The Joburg Advocacy Group is proud to be assisting the Kensington community in Johannesburg with the national launch of the Red Ribbon Campaign, which was started in their neighbourhood.
The campaign is a community-based initiative aimed at building safe, happy and peaceful communities from the ground up.
As a visible sign of commitment to this goal, we're asking everyone across the country to tie a red ribbon around a tree or lamppost this festive season, and to commit to doing whatever they can in their own neighbourhoods to build the kind of communities we'd all like to live in.
Keep an eye out for your neighbours; get involved in your local residents' association; help out at a feeding scheme once a week; support your local community security forum; form a block watch; join the neighbourhood clean-up campaign; have tea with the seniors in your local retirement village; start a community veggie garden; call out the Green Scorpions to deal with environmental problems; start a local wildlife watch scheme; report slum landlords; give AIDS orphans a chance to have a normal life; do some shopping for a shut-in; start a youth activity group; report any child, animal or domestic abuse; collect books for your local schools and libraries; start a domestic worker support group; start a skills swap scheme - the list is endless ...

Read more about the campaign, and see the launch media release here.

Freddie Papi and his sons, Israel and Gabriel (Gebi) of Johannesburg's historic Kensington suburb support the Red Ribbon Campaign started in their neighbourhood.


Gaynor Paynter said...

Hi Lee, this is a very exciting campaign and a nice colourful way to express the fact that we would like to live in a society with much less crime. I find Kensington is looking so much more cheerful and colourful with these ribbons!
If you're a Kensington Resident, please join our Facebook group here to stay abreast of security issues and initiatives in our area -

LC said...

Thanks, Gaynor! The concept was developed by Keri-Ann Clark, who lives in Kensington, and we think it's great. Personally, yes, I'm a Kensington resident, and am a member of both the KRA and its FB group.

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