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A Fresh Approach to Advocacy in the City of Johannesburg
The Joburg Advocacy Group (JAG) is an independent, non-aligned civil society advocacy group working for best practice governance, social justice and environmental protection in the City of Johannesburg, based on the principles outlined in the Constitution.

The group deals with issues of governance, usually on a per-project basis, both within the Joburg metro and, where appropriate, on a broader basis. We also research and make public a wide range of information of importance and interest to Joburg residents.

Our aim is to take peaceful direct action to address such issues as financial oversight, community security, service delivery and environmental protection. We aim to unite with other community groups around the issues, and to work with both our supporters and all interested and affected parties to find solutions to the problems that affect the everyday lives of people living and working in the metro.

JAG encourages participation and feedback from all residents of the city, as well as from all interested and affected parties regardless of political affiliation - and we advocate for everyone equally. Our work, which is all voluntary, is intended to build a safe, healthy, efficient community that is united in respect for diversity, constitutional democracy and the rule of law.

In summary, it is our aim to unite around the issues rather than to polarise along partisan lines; to work hard to build a safe, clean, well-run city that can be enjoyed and celebrated by all who live in it; and to hold both councillors and city workers accountable to the people they are either elected or employed to serve.


Our methodology is:

(a) to empower residents to take peaceful direct action on a number of different issues by informing them of their rights and of the specific channels of action and/or redress available to them;
(b) to provide residents' associations and community groups with issue-specific information for distribution to their members;
(c) to encourage broad-based citizen action to address governance, social justice and environmental issues at local level;
(d) to actively publicise all governance issues and violations in the media;
(e) to enable residents to hold local government to account on the basis of the law; and
(f) to lobby for change within the framework of the law and the spirit of the Constitution.

Contact Us:

Queries about the information on this site may be addressed to jag-sa(at)