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Monday, 3 August 2009

What Political Parties Have to Say About Service Delivery

The City of Joburg is run by an ANC-dominated council, so the issue of service delivery has a political dimension to it too, and is about more than just roads, streetlights and drains. It's also about holding elected officials accountable to the voters.

Check out what some of the opposition parties have to say about poor service delivery in the country:

COPE - Click through to read the response of the party's parliamentary leader, Mvume Dandala, to this year's State of the Nation address. He concluded his speech by saying: "As we have said many times over, the problem in our country has never been policy. The state of our nation is that of despair when it comes to service delivery". Exactly.

Democratic Alliance - Click through to read a statement in response to recent service delivery protests, in which MP Anthony Trollip says: "The Democratic Alliance is deeply concerned over the wave of service delivery protests that have erupted in municipalities across South Africa, as well as the ANC Government’s response to these protests". We are too ...

IFP - On the IFP's site, click through to Press Statements in the sidebar, and select the statement dated 31 July 2009. Here IFP leader Mongosuthu Buthelezi argues that poor service delivery is a systemic problem, saying that "the only lasting solution to the service delivery crisis will be to re-evaluate the entire local government system and how it operates". We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Independent Democrats - Click through to read this response to service delivery protests, issued earlier this year, in which ID Gauteng MPL Khosi Mncedane says: "the rate at which service delivery protests are taking place across Gauteng is an indication that local governance has failed, and that an improvement is needed in the monitoring systems which regulate service delivery". Our thoughts exactly ...

UDM - On the UDM's site, click through to Let's TALK in the sidebar and go to Issue 2, which gives an excellent overview of the service delivery issue. UDM leader, Bantu Holomisa, argues that "service delivery isn't simply something that Government does - it is a constitutional imperative"; something that is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. You go, Bantu!

You can also click through to the ANC's latest press statement on the service delivery protests to get an idea of what the party has to say about the issue. National Spokeperson, Jesse Duarte says: "The African National Congress (ANC) has a deep understanding of the seriousness and impact that lack of service delivery has in the lives of the people". Ummnn ... really?

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